Cody's Story

Cody Hayes was diagnosed Oct 6, 2013 with a very aggressive form of Leukemia Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Cody lived in Webb, Al. Cody's mom took Cody to a walk in clinic on the morning of Oct 6, 2013. Cody's had a fever, sore throat, and congestion, symptoms that are so common in October. When testing for flu, strep, and mono the doctor found his white cell count was extremely high and his mom was told the most dreaded news a mother can be told he might have Cancer. They were sent to the ER and by 1:00 put in a ambulance and sent to Children's in Birmingham and Cody started treatment.  Happiness keeps you sweet, Trials keeps you Human, Life keeps you Humble, Success keeps you Growing, But only Friends keep you Going!!!

Our Mission

Is to raise awareness and funding for pediatric cancer and assist families who have a child battling Childhood Cancer.

Our Story


Our Family

We at the Staying Cody Strong Foundation (SCS) want to take a few moments and thank you for your support and time. We truly love helping others through the pain and sometimes loss of a loved one to any kind of cancer. We hope you will partner with us and help us to serve others as we have been served.


Frank Hayes


Frank Hayes was born March 15, 1956, and he married Alicia on October 15, 1989. He and Alicia started their family with the birth of Cody on May 23, 1997.


Alicia Hayes


Alicia Hayes was born June 5, 1961, She has worked as a hair stylist for many years and now drives a school bus for Houston County Schools.


Cody Hayes

The Reason

Cody was born May 23, 1997 and although his life on earth was cut short, through the work of his parents and foundation, he continues to inspire and help.

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